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Soil Nurture

Providing the best biological inputs for long term healthy plants and soil for better harvests.

Improving crop growth and yield in a sustainable way does not have to be hard and demanding.

Soil Nurture can help you increase your yield while also improving your soil health for future years.

Beneficial impacts of Soil Nurture's products

Increased yield

Increased plant health and nutrient uptake

Improved soils for future growth

Who benefits from Soil Nurture products?


Vineyards and orchards

Market gardens

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Specialist growers

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Nurseries and Garden centres

Landscape and lawns

What is Soil Nurture?

High quality input leads to high quality outcomes.

Soil Nurture provides growers with products derived from high quality vermicast.

Vermicast is a natural product produced by worms and due to its high volume of beneficial microorganisms it has been shown to increase plant yield, health and nutrient uptake. Test and studies have shown that it is increases resistance of plants against the climatic stress as well as pests and diseases.

How to use Soil Nurture?

1 - We help you create a bespoke plan in line with your budget

2 - The right Soil Nurture product is applied to your crops

3 - Your yield increases are measured and the bespoke plan is optimised and adjusted

Soil Nurture was formed by a group of worm farmers who understand the pressures that growers have and want to see growers profits increase using sustainable sources of materials which have long lasting effects.

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Carlos A. Postlethwaite –Studied Agribusiness and worked with rural growers in Mexico, founded Ciclo and Biosuolo with the aim to contribute to growers’ success through premium biological inputs and services.

Luke Boxall –
Has been working with CREST and Harper Adams looking at how Vermicast can be applied in the UK. Founded Worm Soil.

Alfred Grand – Alfred is a worm farmer of 20 years and a runs his own organic farm. He also sits on the EU Mission Board on Soil Health and Food. He runs VermiGrand

Leopold Fischer

He has previously been CEO of financial institutions, runs his own consultancy firm and helped lead VermiGrand success across Austria and Germany.

Testimonials and Case Studies

“Soil Nurture had a real, beneficial and visual impact on the vineyard”

– Jeanie Falconer, Frome Valley Vineyard

Create your own bespoke plan

Contact us today to create a plan that will see your soil and plants becomes healthier, your yield increase and your profits grow.

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